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  • Mood: Remorse
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Hey, Tsarevich,
You are my lone friend,
But you're already gone,
What should I do for you?

For so long I remember you,
But everything is God's fate,
The more I think,
The more your vision haunts me.

The longer the time goes,
The more I am suffering,
You should be the Tsar,
For the wealth of Russia.

You are the last Tsarevich,
And you had been a good boy,
But they took away your life,
Only to satisfy their revenge.

They know you're the heir,
No reason for them to kill,
1918 we won't forget,
Together we suffer for peace.


  • Mood: Remorse
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Tsarevich, why do you leave me?
Is it because you are a Romanov?
Why, why should this happen to you?
Is it because you are the heir apparent?

Tsarevich, I can feel your suffering,
You also want to grow up normally,
But, why this must happen to you?
Is it because your name is Alexei?

You're still a young child,
But why, why do you leave me?
You should defend the throne,
But everything has determined.

If it does not because the Bolsheviks,
I am sure you will grow as a Tsar,
And reign the Russian Empire,
And Cold War will never happen.

But this is your destiny,
God has made it for you,
You must avenge your death,
To rest in peace.
  • Mood: Sadness
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One moment, I wake up from my sleep. However, what I see is only darkness. I try to get up but I'm tied on a chair. I become curious as I just see a little of the light and I want to know what the hell is happening. When, where, what, who, how, anything...I'm such losing my own mind. What just happening!? God, help me to end this.

Suddenly, the light gets brighter...and I see a child dressed in sailor uniform. Wait, I think I know who he is. I just remember someone...the last Tsarevich that should growing up and reign the Russian Empire, but he just met his death.

Me: Is that you, Alexei? Well, you should be older than me if we meet together...but sadly, you still look as a young boy.

Tsarevich Alexei: Don't just call me Alexei! Call me Tsarevich and respect me as the last Romanov!

Me: Why do you get angry with me?

Tsarevich Alexei: It's because your own foolishness. If you live in my age, you might lose your life if you dare to resist the Bolsheviks or supporting us, the Romanovs. Because that bloody Lenin, the Empire that survived for centuries ended with tragedy...even me. 

Me: Why I should be accused? What the hell is happening?

Tsarevich Alexei: As the youngest and the last, I should defend the throne...but God had determined my fate. If I survived, Cold War will never happened. I've been married and could see my son reign the Empire after me. The Romanov generation should continue until today...not Lenin, not Stalin, not even Khrushchev.

Me: So, who created this hell?

Tsarevich Alexei: It's me who did this. I just picked up your spirit and tied you to the chair...and when you get up, your true body is here.

Me: Why did you do this to me, Tsarevich? Tell me, I don't understand. 

Tsarevich Alexei: I know that once, you supported Communist and Soviet Union. You also said that this era should return to Cold War situation...even Soviet Union no longer exists. You should know that Soviet Union is just the successor for Russian Empire...created illegally through tragedy and ended by the same fate. Lenin and Stalin should rest in hell. They had deserved their own actions.

Me: How did you know about me even you died many years ago?

Tsarevich Alexei: Through my spirit. He is alive even my body is dead. In this nature, we'll exist in the true form of ourselves. That's why I heard you saying that you're suffering.

Me: How can I help you rest in peace?

Tsarevich Alexei: It's too late already. It's my pride that Russian Orthodox priests canonized my family and myself as holy martyrs, and we've been venerated. In a few moments from now, you'll temporarily forgetting your Communist nature. You should remember the tragedy that happened to us. I should have a few weeks for my birthday, but that is what I got for it. 

Me: Do you mean, the Romanov massacre?

Tsarevich Alexei: Absolutely. Just you will feel if you were me? What will you do? Just praying to God without doing anything that can help you?

As Tsarevich Alexei asks me, the vision of the murder scene comes into reality. I was forced to sit in front together with Tsarevich and his family. A man named Yurovsky reads his memoir for their execution. Tsar Nicholas II questions harshly and the Bolsheviks release the by one. Later, the child and me try to escape but they knock us. Tsarevich fails as he tries to run away. Yurovsky stabs him with bayonet, causing him to spit blood.

Tsarevich Alexei: me. I'm in great pain. I cannot stand for this anymore.

However, Yurovsky ignores the child thus forcing one of his minions to kill him. When one of them shoots me in point-blank range, I just realized that I was dreaming. Damn, it seems that I just had a nightmare. Luckily, those things don't occur in my life physically. I try to find the boy, but actually he is already dead for almost a century.

If I had a horrible and suffering life like Tsarevich Alexei, I think I won't live longer... Sadly, this is the unfortunate ending for a ten-year old child like him. I am sure he also wanted to live a normal life like others. Nothing will happen except if it is determined by God. Death comes anytime it has to be.

Who Am I 2 by 2-m0
Who Am I 2
My depiction of Soekarno, the founder and the First President of Republik Indonesia.
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NOTE: This story is just a lie, but it might related to the real Russian Revolution in 1917.

6 June 1914.

Lenin, the Bolsheviks and the Russian people gather at Red Square, urging Tsar Nicholas II to down from the throne of Russian Empire. The square is heavily guarded by the Tsarist armed forces. They express their feelings after getting a great, foolish shame from the defeat of Russo-Japanese War in 1905, which was about 9 years ago. They also want to gain freedom and equality after a long time being oppressed by the Tsarist government.

Lenin: Today, we hope that the unjust Tsar and his generations being toppled! It seems that we've been oppressed by them...the poor gets poorer but the rich gets richer! They also responsible for making our nation shameful by the Asian! Now, it's the time to rebel!

The square is filled by the cheers of the rebels. The Tsarist police troops are guarding Kremlin. Leon Trotsky and Stalin show their support on the mastermind.

Lenin: From now, we should stand a Communist government here! This is MY PROMISE!

Leon Trotsky: As an orthodox Marxist, I'm solely supporting you! We'll always be with you!

Stalin: Just shut up Trotsky!

Leon Trotsky: Well done, Master Lenin! How's with the royal family? Kill them or send them to exile?

Lenin: It depends on the Bolshevik polices. Hey Romanovs! Where are you all, cowards?! Show yourselves if you dare! We'll just slit your throats if we want!


A few days later, his dream becomes reality. Vladimir Lenin becomes a leader who establishes Communist government, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Russian Civil War occurs between White and Red armies.

Lenin: I hope no one will ever dare to talk or be with the royal bastards. After the war, I will crush the Romanovs and force them to obey me! 

Tsar Nicholas II, his wife and their children are send to exile at Ipatiev House. A month later, the Romanovs that were in exile, get ready to escape from Yekaterinburg. They ensure that they had made their preparations well. 

30 July 1914.

Tsar Nicholas II: Seems that we've get all of the things for the escape.

In the coming sunrise, some knocks are heard on the door of the house. One of their servants open the door, but gets a fatal hit. Unexpected, there are about five Bolsheviks sent by Lenin, including kill the Romanovs and people who protect them. The Royal family is shocked and they are forced to get into a cellar. Yurovsky shows out his memoirs and read something.

Yurovsky: In response to your relatives that continuously attacking Soviet Russia, the Ural Soviet Committee has decided us to execute you.

Tsar Nicholas II: Why this should happen? You should be responsible for the war, not us.

Bolshevik 1: Why we should let you alive?! As your throne already being taken by Master Lenin, he commanded us to...

The officers shoot them once. After that, they check some bodies for important things to be eliminated. However, the youngest, Tsarevich Alexei is still alive, even he is badly injured. He tries to get up but one of the officers sees him and knocks him.

Bolshevik 2: Where do you think you will run, bastard!? 

Tsarevich Alexei: Why...why did you kill my parents...and my family? What mistakes we did to you?

Bolshevik 3: Child. We'll tell you the reason...if you still having your life.

Tsarevich tries to resist but fails. Yurovsky approaches and stabs him with a bayonet. He gets an agonizing pain and starts to spit blood.

Tsarevich Alexei: me. I'm in great pain. I cannot stand for this anymore.

Yurovsky: Now I'll teach you what is suffering! Kamarov, kill this bastard!

One of them manages to execute him. He reveals his gun and points it to him. He does not care that Alexei tries to defend himself.

Tsarevich Alexei: You can kill me as I'm just a young and useless child for you, but God will throw you into hell.

A few seconds later...Alexei receives a direct shot in his head and loses his life. Some Bolsheviks try to clean the blood in the house to eliminate the proof, while some pick up all of the dead bodies and walk until they reach an open area. They bury all of the bodies there, while Tsarevich's sister is buried about 70 metres from the Royal family. An officer puts the body of Alexei slowly to the ground and says...

Bolshevik 2: I don't believe that you said God will throw me to hell...and I'm going to tell you, child...It's because Master Lenin possesses intense hatred to you. He knows that you're the heir of the Russian Empire that will destroy his reputation. Once you rule, your empire will continue to survive years later in the future. So that's why we killed you.

Bolshevik 1: Sleep tight...Romanovs. I hope no one will know this.

They bury Tsarevich besides his sister and get away. 


Do you think what will happen to the Romanovs many years later? I wouldn't tell need to refer to somewhere else.



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